Personalised Happy Christmas Family Bauble! 4 Figures included!

Weight 0.65 Grams
Pick your torso for Minifig 1 None Selected Required
Pick your torso for Minifig 2 None Selected Required
Hair for Minifig 1 None Selected Required
Hair for Minifig 2 None Selected Required
Choose your Head for Minifig 1 None Selected Required
Choose your Head for Minifig 2 None Selected Required
Choose your Legs for Minifig 1 None Selected Required
Choose your Legs for Minifig 2 None Selected Required
Pick your torso for Minifig 3 None Selected Required
Pick your torso for Minifig 4 None Selected Required
Hair for Minifig 3 None Selected Required
Hair for Minifig 4 None Selected Required
Choose your Head for Minifig 3 None Selected Required
Choose your Head for Minifig 4 None Selected Required
Choose your Legs for Minifig 3 None Selected Required
Choose your Legs for Minifig 4 None Selected Required

We have a selection of gifts suitable for any LEGO fan this Christmas! This product includes 4 Minifigures and a personalised message printed directly onto a LEGO brick! It is the perfect Family present for your Christmas tree!

You can choose from a selection of digitally UV printed torsos or a blank torso which we can add a name too to create your minifig. You can also specify what message you would like added to the brick the figures stand onto!

You can even add an accessory to these baubles, order yours here:

With every order you will also get a FREE Christmas themed tile! See the picture in the gallery!

Please note, no accessories or bicycles are included with the product. You can order them by visiting the link above.



Product Reviews

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Fab bauble
Written by Sarah Whalley on 20th Dec 2020

We had lots of fun creating our Lego family and it has pride of place on our tree. Really good communication once ordered and the bauble came really quickly. Would definitely recommend

Personalised Family Bauble
Written by Kjojo on 17th Dec 2020

I've had sooooo many compliments on this ornament and requests for the website. It came in a timely manor, was easy to assemble and we love it. What's not to like and you get to use it every year.

xmas bauble
Written by Val on 16th Dec 2020

They loved it ! Really good value.

Lego Christmas Bauble
Written by Bethan on 7th Dec 2020

Great quality, and my family had great fun putting this together!

Written by Teresa Parsley on 6th Dec 2020

A lovely early Christmas presents for Lego loving kids. Easy to put together and looks fab on the tree. Super speedy delivery too

Lego bauble
Written by Helen on 6th Dec 2020

Lovely product and arrived quickly. Great customer service as I messaged them not long after ordering to change some of the writing and I received a message confirming the changes straight away. Thank you

A brilliant gift
Written by Matt on 2nd Dec 2020

I saw this online and knew it was a great idea. The speed with which I received the bauble was amazing. The printed names on the figures was beautifully done and the overall thing is fantastic. Will be ordering more in the future for more friends and family

4 person family bauble review
Written by Claire on 2nd Dec 2020

Our bauble is absolutely brilliant! It arrived super fast and made me smile all day! Definitely the Best Buy this year and with super efficient service too. We all love, love, love it!!! Thank you!!

Beyond Perfection
Written by Elif Serdar on 24th Nov 2020

These Christmas baubles are just fantastic. They look gorgeous on our tree. The customer service, product quality, fast shipping and friendly approach deserve more than 5 stars

4 mini figure christmas bauble
Written by Jayne Johnson on 23rd Nov 2020

Just a fantastic gift..this is the 2nd one I have ordered..Excellent product...superb customer service, ordered on Saturday and product delivered on Tuesday!!!!!! Cannot wait for the family to recieve this for Christmas! Highly recommend this company and its products.

Minifigure bauble
Written by Dawn Maskell on 19th Nov 2020

Really happy with our bauble, there was a slight problem with one of the torsos, but getting it rectified was super quick and all contact was a pleasure! It's going to look great this Christmas!

Written by Marcia on 19th Nov 2020

Love love love our Christmas bauble, amazing customer services and a wonderful product.

Written by Jane on 4th Nov 2020

Love our baubles! They are so cute and fun and we are looking forward to giving them at Christmas. They are too big for our trees so we are going to make ‘stands’ for them so they look like snow globes. A cardboard ring about the size of a large roll of Sellotape works perfectly, you just lie the roll on its side and place the bauble on it. Might be a great extra for Fab Bricks to make and sell!

Fantastic quality!
Written by Alice on 27th Oct 2020

I purchased the 4 mini figure bauble and was very, very happy with it when it came back! The figures looked exactly like what I had ordered and the whole product is of a very high quality. It was also packed really carefully. Thank you so much- I am very pleased!

Xmas bauble
Written by Alison Jane Noble on 24th Oct 2020

Very excited about this gift. Looks amazing and such a good idea with packaging so you put together. I’m sure this will Make the recipient smile when they open it

4 character Xmas bauble
Written by Julie on 16th Oct 2020

Really loved the product arrived really quickly and well packaged. Bought as a gift for friends in New Zealand .

Christmas Bauble
Written by JC on 16th Oct 2020

A really ingenious idea and unique gift! Was a wee bit worried that the bauble would 'open' when kids are holding it as kids do. Hopefully my 'kragle' will fix this!

Very happy
Written by Ben on 16th Oct 2020

Really, really pleased with this product!! I took the advice on this thread and purchased a cat and dog separately. It is a shame they couldn’t be included in the original purchase however I love the fact you can add to it as your family grows and it looks top quality and not cheap at all. It’s currently hidden in our Christmas decorations and cannot wait for my wife to discover it this Christmas!!

Written by Sue Rodgers on 12th Oct 2020

Absolutely loved this bauble. Bought for my daughters family and can't wait to give it to them near Christmas as I know they will love it. Quick service received within a few days of order.

Lovely gift idea
Written by Susie on 9th Oct 2020

Loved this when it arrived. I've bought it for some lego fans, as a Xmas gift for when their tree goes up. I think they will love it!! Great personal gift idea.

4 figure bauble
Written by Bethany Morris on 22nd Sep 2020

I really like it, though I wish there were more options on faces, I wasn't 100% satisfied with one of the ones I chose, I only got it because I wanted it to be different from my other boys one, I raided my sons lego and swapped the heads, also some hair for my daughters figure! I also bought a separate mini dog figure (beagle) from ebay as pets weren't an option. Now I've tinkered with it I'm happy. I just wish there were more options in the 1st place.

Fantastic and fun product
Written by Efincomputer on 5th Dec 2019

I ordered one of these for our family and it as just awesome. My wife and kids got such a kick out of their Lego counterparts - would definitely recommend. The only (very small) negative was that I found the clear bauble a little bit tricky to clip together properly - but got there eventually.

Written by Kirsty on 3rd Dec 2019

I love my bauble I also love the fact that i had to build it like a real lego set. I buy a family bauble every year and when this popped up on facebook i couldn't say no 100% recommend

Lego family bauble
Written by Nicola Mcdowell on 27th Nov 2019

This is a wonderful personalised addition to our tree this son had great fun building the bauble together and putting us all in our spaces! Excellent value for money and super speedy delivery - highly recommended for lego lovers!

The Best Bauble?
Written by Andy on 26th Nov 2019

I love this product. I ordered a few of the two-figure baubles and one of this four-figure bauble. It's really well made, big enough to really stand out, as it should, but not so big as to over-power a tree! Absolutely brilliant. :)

Family Bauble
Written by Nicky Chapman on 25th Nov 2019

Such a great gift idea, arrived quickly, I can't wait to see their faces when they open it on Christmas Day.

Christmas bauble
Written by Helen on 25th Nov 2019

The Christmas bauble looks amazing! The service was great and it arrived very quickly. There was a minor problem with the engraving on the main brick, however fab-bricks rectified the problem and a new brick arrived the very next day. I'd highly recommend.

Lego Christmas bauble
Written by Megan on 19th Nov 2019

This product is amazing! I absolutely love it and bought it as an early gift for my mum and dad they both love it too! It arrived so quickly aswell! Highly recommend.

Happy Christmas Family Bauble
Written by Ian McSimm on 15th Nov 2019

Lovely product - better than expected (even with having to put it together yourself). Great value considering the cost in mini-figures alone. Brilliant addition to our decorations.

Great gift!
Written by Jo Dalziel on 13th Nov 2019

This has just arrived, wasn't expecting to have to assemble it myself, not enough snow and no gift box. This is an expensive item now I have to try and find and pay for a box the correct size to gift it in. Having said that it looks amazing, a bit more snow and a box and it would definitely get 5 stars. I was miffed at having to assemble it but it was easy. Fab-Bricks Reply: Glad you are happy with your bauble Jo. We will definitely make sure we are adding enough snow to the larger baubles. We do leave the small amount of assembly to you so that you can place the minifigures how you want them in the bauble, and to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. We would have to be gluing everything in place to send them out otherwise and we don't want to kragle the minifigures!

Love it!
Written by Daniela Russo on 5th Nov 2019

The product is really well done and it exceeded my expectations! Very quick delivery as well. The only thing that I would change is the amount of snow, it's just a little bit. Overall I'm very happy of this purchase!

Personalised Happy Christmas Family Bauble
Written by Lorna Adam on 1st Nov 2019

Love it! Will be a perfect addition to our Christmas tree! Arrived super quick as well.

Personalised Happy Christmas Family Bauble!
Written by Neil Bradley on 31st Oct 2019

Great idea - looked nothing like us but it would be worrying if they did!!!

Perfect gift
Written by Karen McKay on 26th Oct 2019

Ordered this for my partner who is Christmas and Lego mad - he hasn't seen it yet but I am sure he will love it! The kids had great fun choosing the different parts to make up our family - the range of hair styles and faces is brilliant. Arrived two days after ordering - excellent communication throughout. It may be too large for our tree but it will definitely take centre stage in our decorations this year.

Perfect Unusual Gift
Written by Tom Rich on 25th Oct 2019

The Christmas Bauble was a brilliantly unusual gift for my best friend and his family. Easy to create and put together. And very quick delivery time.

Who else can I buy one for?!
Written by Hannah on 13th Oct 2019

I bought this for a family member and I was so pleased with it when it arrived. I can't wait to give it to them at Christmas! It arrived within a couple of days with no extra delivery charge. I think it is a bit pricey, but it is real lego and I fully intend to buy more for other people... so maybe it IS worth the price!!

Christmas bauble
Written by Lesley Slade on 10th Oct 2019

Love this item which I purchased as a gift for my daughter and friends who have just moved into their new house in second year of university. Had reason to contact firm because I made a complete hash of my original order. Staff were super helpful and bauble arrived very quickly. The housemates love it. Highly recommend this firm and product.

Christmas Bauble
Written by Claire on 23rd Sep 2019

We are so happy with our personalised Christmas bauble, it was so easy to choose the right parts for each family member and the delivery was super speedy.

Christmas Bauble
Written by Paula on 9th Nov 2018

I absolutely LOVE this. I ordered a 4 figure bauble 2 days ago and it arrived today. It was so easy to put together and looks fantastic! My 14 year old son is particularly impressed that he is holding a NES controller! It is without a doubt a great buy and something that this Lego loving family will get out with pride for many Christmases to come.

A Christmas baulbe
Written by Gunita on 25th Dec 2017

My husband loved the Christmas baulbe of our family I got him for Christmas. I ordered it on Dec15 and got it on Dec23, just before Christmas. Did not think it will be on time as I left it late. We all love it!

Can’t wait for my family to recieve this
Written by undefined on 16th Dec 2017

Lovely product that I am sure my lego mad nephew is going to love

Fantastic product and service
Written by Becky on 14th Dec 2017

Absolutely love my custom made Lego family Christmas bauble! Really easy to order and quick delivery service too. Thank you for such a great product and service! A*

Love it
Written by Emily Bottomley on 11th Dec 2017

So different and exciting! Even with a 31 yr old male!! So querky and such and eye catcher thank you

Living up to their name!
Written by Gordgey on 11th Dec 2017

A fab experience all round, easy to build my order on the website and it arrived in no time at all. The final bit of fun was getting to assemble it myself. I will definitely use again in the future.

Lego mad kids will love this expensive treat
Written by undefined on 9th Dec 2017

The bauble arrived remarkably quickly, and it was well packaged. It is a bit larger than I expected (although I couldn't see any dimensions on the website), approx 12 cm diameter. I think it is quite expensive however I think my niece and nephew are going to love seeing themselves in Lego! I was pleasantly surprised that you get to build it yourself :-)

Family bauble
Written by John Pugh on 6th Dec 2017

Spotted these as strolling through the Internet, thought why not? Glad I did - it's a unique decoration for the tree when it goes up and no-one will have one like it!

Fab Christmas bauble
Written by Rebecca Hutchin on 5th Dec 2017

Really pleased with this product and the delivery was super quick. When we received the package we notice a slight crack; and after emailing the company they send a replacement the very next day. Really good communication and love the lego decoration.

Written by Hannah Karpinski on 15th Nov 2017

Arrived super quickly. Great gift. Larger than expected. Love my little Lego family

So so happy
Written by Keith on 6th Nov 2017

This was such a fantastic Christmas Family Bauble that i have now ordered another and will be getting at least one more as a gift. Also, i cannot believe just how quick it arrived after ordered

Great Service
Written by Sharon Gilbert on 13th Oct 2017

I purchased a family bauble on 2nd Oct and it arrived today 13th Oct. This may not be fast to other buyers but I live in the Falkland Islands and mail takes roughly between 2 - 3 weeks from ordering to get here (flights dependant). So to get here is basically 10 days is just amazing - thank you Fab Bricks, I will be ordering more!

Lego Christmas bauble
Written by gemma heaton on 13th Oct 2017

Very quick and lovely lego bauble

Fab decoration Fab service
Written by undefined on 26th Sep 2017

Absolutely love our new family Christmas decoration and can’t wait to hang it on our tree. Fantastic service from this company ordered on 17th September and delivered on 20th September. Would highly recommend