Personalised Happy Christmas Family Bauble! 3 Figures included!

Weight 0.65 Grams
Pick your torso for Minifig 1 None Selected Required
Hair for Minifig 1 None Selected Required
Choose your Head for Minifig 1 (Skin tone options + £1) None Selected Required
Choose your Legs for Minifig 1 None Selected Required
Pick your torso for Minifig 2 None Selected Required
Hair for Minifig 2 None Selected Required
Choose your Head for Minifig 2 (Skin tone options + £1) None Selected Required
Choose your Legs for Minifig 2 None Selected Required
Pick your torso for Minifig 3 None Selected Required
Hair for Minifig 3 None Selected Required
Choose your Head for Minifig 3 (Skin tone options + £1) None Selected Required
Choose your Legs for Minifig 3 None Selected Required

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We have a selection of gifts suitable for any LEGO fan this Christmas! This product includes 3 Minifigures and a personalised message printed directly onto a LEGO brick! It is the perfect Family present for your Christmas tree!

You can choose from a selection of digitally UV printed torsos or a blank torso which we can add a name too to create your minifig. You can also specify what message you would like added to the brick the figures stand onto!

We have a selection of LEGO® pets and a baby minifigure available to add to your bauble. Simply add them to your cart and pop them into your bauble on receipt. 

Baby Minifigure is here:

Pets available here:

You can even add an accessory to these baubles, order yours here:

With every order you will also get a FREE Christmas themed tile! See the picture in the gallery!

Please note, no accessories or bicycles are included with the product. You can order them by visiting the link above.



Product Reviews

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Christmas Bauble
Written by Mr Jamie Timoney on 9th Dec 2022

As usual Fab-Bricks have done it again. A great quality product with nice personal touches. I have ordered many things from them and all have been great and a funny talking point as nobody expects or has seen many of their products. Sadly this time I have three mini figures which were supposed to have my name and my kids names but while the invoice states the correct names, one of the minifigures has the wrong name - not ideal this close to Christmas as its part of a present. Hopefully I'll hear soon and they'll be able to sort it ASAP. While this is annoying it wont put me off using them again, I honestly think their range is just great. Can definitely recommend. FabBricks Reply: Thanks for your great review Jamie! Apologies for our typo on the minifigure, we will of course send out a replacement to you.

Absolutely wonderful
Written by Amy F-J on 8th Dec 2022

My son and I had a great time deciding how our characters should look and it was great to be able to add personalised items like pets, instruments, food and drink items to really personalise the item. The bauble arrived ready for you to assemble. This was great fun too and we're so very pleased with the finished result. It's going to make an amazing, personalised and different Christmas present for the recipient to treasure. Now to choose more!

Fast delivery
Written by Lee Hathaway on 27th Nov 2022

Fast delivery, item arrived exactly as ordered.

Really happy with this gift
Written by Nikki on 16th Nov 2022

Bought as a gift for my Lego-loving friends with a toddler. I cannot wait for them to open it; it's lovely and meaning I could choose specific Christmas tops for them makes it so personal. For some reason I expected it to come already built in a sealed bauble, but this wasn't the case. Not that that detracts from the gift in any way.

I love these
Written by Jenn on 16th Nov 2022

I love Christmas and Lego so this is the perfect gift, having previously bought a smaller bobble with two figure I wanted to get three this time. I did not realise it would be bigger but I love it. Made the figures look like me and my siblings as added a wee dog (I bought of eBay) to complete the bobble. Really fab company and they are always well wrapped and delivered with care. I also love you can have merry Christmas 2022 engraved on the brick, it’s the little details.

Xmas Bauble
Written by Mcshaney on 13th Nov 2022

Great Bauble,Ordered it as a Surprise for the Family. Came quickly and looks great.Mrs nearly cried when she opened it.!

Written by Robert on 4th Nov 2022

They are very cute and as described. Well packed and order was 100% correct.

Brilliant bauble
Written by Emma on 25th Oct 2022

Bigger than i was expecting, arrived very speedily, I had a query and the friendly staff were very helpful and gave me the help i needed quickly and efficiently.

Family bauble
Written by Emma on 17th Oct 2022

Thank you for the bauble, delivered as ordered. Thanks will make a good addition to my Christmas tree :-)

Gorgeous quirky idea
Written by Sally Pepworth on 10th Oct 2022

Ordered this bauble after a friend recommended it being a fellow Lego fan - it arrive in 3 days exactly as I had specified; very happy it will make us smile for years to come

Written by James on 14th Sep 2022

Awesome unique bauble for the tree or wherever. It's is fairly big so definitely not good for a slender/wobbly tree. The hair colours come lighter than they appear on the design page but otherwise amazingly spot on! Thank you

Outstanding Product
Written by Kish on 3rd Jun 2022

This company is fantastic, amazing products, super fast delivery. The bauble is a little big for a Christmas Tree, and it would be better if it opened horizontally. Can't rate these products highly enough, amazing

Written by Aj on 28th Dec 2021

I cannot rate this company and their products enough, they are amazing! Couldn't ask for a better company for lego fans.

Great Product
Written by Gemma Verity on 20th Dec 2021

Really quick delivery and good quality. Ordering is made simple. Good communication of dispatch and shipping information

Bauble review
Written by Rachael on 17th Dec 2021

No problem giving 5 stars. Surprisingly fast delivery. Excellent customer service when I wished to change my order. Great personalisation and really lovely product. Very happy.

Written by Charlotte Pentecost on 17th Dec 2021

Really lovely larger than expected bauble. Figures exactly as described. Arrived super fast. You do have to assemble so worth remembering if you are gifting.

Personalised Happy Christmas Family Bauble! 3 Figures included!
Written by John on 13th Dec 2021

These bobbles are fanatastic and my wee girl (age 5) absolutely loves it, especially as she has her two 'gerbils' in the bobble as well as we ordered these separately. Only thing was that the bobble had a slight hairline crack in it when it arrived but it was quickly replaced. Would defintely recommend!

Christmas bauble
Written by Lee on 11th Dec 2021

All made and printed to a great standard, The only problem we have encountered with ours is , the clear bauble does not clip together every good , and the slightest knock and it explodes,snow everywhere, we now have no snow inside anymore. And we have had to put sellotape around it. For the price at £25, I don't think I should be having to do this. Fab-Bricks Reply: Hi Lee, thanks for your order and sorry to hear shouldn't need to be sellotaped together. Please do stop us an email with your order number and we will send a replacement bauble and some more snow.

Fantastic product!
Written by Cheryl on 10th Dec 2021

Thank you so much for this gorgeous product! I was so excited for it to arrive and it didn't disappoint...he loved it!! Highly recommend these beautiful personalised baubles!!

Written by Karen Goldberg on 8th Dec 2021

We bought this after seeing a school friend of our sons one and it’s brilliant looks amazing on our tree and is one of ours sons favourite baubles for 2021!

Christmas bauble
Written by M on 7th Dec 2021

Love the product. Easy to personalise and really swift delivery. Would recommend this company and product to anyone!!

Fabbrick bauble
Written by Andy Smith on 6th Dec 2021

Larger than i thought it would, maybe a little large for some trees. Quite a good idea but a touch expensuve for what it is.

Great Product
Written by Ingrid Robey on 4th Dec 2021

I bought the Lego 3 Figure Christmas Bauble for a present and was really impressed by it and so was the recipient! *****

Written by Keely Beecroft on 26th Nov 2021

Amazing product love it so so much!!

So sweet, fun and quick!
Written by Eloise on 24th Nov 2021

I didn't expect the bauble to come all separated (maybe I didn't read the description fully), however, my son and I really enjoyed making it! It was a fun little activity. I did actually exchange one of the faces with one I already had as it suited Dad better. So that was also a bonus for the fun self set up. My boy loves making it snow! Really fast delivery in line with my paid selection, so that was great. Overall amazing!

Fab bricks
Written by Michelle Wood on 22nd Nov 2021

Absolutely love this product. Bought as a present for family and I'm so excited to give it to them. Excellent quality and amazing likeness. Would definitely buy again!

Personalised Xmas bauble
Written by Tersha Cutmore on 22nd Nov 2021

Absolutely love this product.. superb quality and love that we have made them look like our family ..

Happy customer
Written by Lynne on 19th Nov 2021

Thought this arrived already made up but was not disappointed as my 7 year old daughter enjoyed putting it together and even added an animal of her own. The bobble is quite large but will have pride of place on our tree when it goes up! Good buy.

3 figure personalised Lego Bauble
Written by Sally Reynolds on 9th Nov 2021

Fantastic!! Love everything about it. Good quality, quick delivery absolutely lovely. cannot wait to give it to my family for Christmas. Thank you for this lovely gift.xx '

3 person Christmas bauble
Written by Sue Claridge on 5th Nov 2021

Very happy with this customised item - they even added an extra little item I asked about for free - great service.

Fab-u-lous Bricks
Written by Susan Aitken on 23rd Oct 2021

I ordered a family of Fab-bricks for my son and his partner and their new daughter for Christmas. The Fab-bricks came really quickly and the wee figures were brilliant . I was very pleased with the quality of the bricks and the attention to detail was spot on. What a super personalised Christmas gift! Top notch in every way!

Such a great idea!
Written by Pete on 22nd Oct 2021

This is a wonderful product. You are sent the pieces and you build it yourself, which only takes a couple of minutes and is actually a fun process! I can't wait to surprise my family with it at Christmas. The company were excellent to deal with too, very responsive to some questions I had. I would say that perhaps a better way could be found to fasten the two halves of the orb together, with some kind of clip, perhaps? If the bauble were dropped or received an unintentional knock, it could easily pop open and disperse the show onto the floor. I plan to secure the halves together with a little super glue, just to make sure this doesn't happen.

triple Christmas bauble
Written by Helen Townsend on 22nd Oct 2021

absolutely fantastic, so pleased with this

Great decoration
Written by Eliza on 19th Oct 2021

A lovely looking set. It's great you can choose characters. I bought I e as a present as well. Quick delivery. Recommended!

Personalised bauble
Written by gareth newton on 18th Oct 2021

Great idea and a great addition to the Christmas tree for many years to come

Written by Douglas L Quinn on 12th Oct 2021

Wonderful idea! Ecstatic with the finished product!

Personalised Christmas Bauble
Written by Clare Carp on 9th Oct 2021

Larger than expected, lovely keepsake to go on our Christmas tree.

Written by Kerrie on 7th Oct 2021

Had this made as gift. I could not believe how quickly this was made and dispatched. Much bigger than I expected, superb quality. Have recommended to friends.

Good fun!
Written by Mel on 6th Oct 2021

Really pleased with my family ‘bauble’ - it made me smile. Arrived very quickly. My only suggestion would be for a younger, bearded face, as my son (in his 20s) who has a beard, looks older than his dad in Lego form. As I said, made me smile!

3 figure bauble
Written by Dawn Roberts on 5th Oct 2021

Great bauble, came bigger than I thought so was well worth the money. Arrived quickly and really well packed. Looking forward to showing it off at Christmas

Great Idea!
Written by James Merry on 5th Oct 2021

Ordered a three-figure bauble recently to send to our only son, who is currently residing on the other side of the world. With the COVID restrictions for some countries it is likely that he will miss another Christmas at home, so we were looking for something special and different to send out to him. We saw the baubles on an online advert, and thought that it would be just the job! We were not disappointed. The ordering process was very easy, the bauble was despatched and delivered ridiculously quickly, and it was extremely well packed. The quality is great, and all the packing should have no trouble surviving it's upcoming international journey. The only niggle was that one of the bags of 'snow' was partly opened, but that really was not a problem. This is a great idea, and we would definitely recommend getting one as it is so different, and such good quality.

Lovely little present
Written by Sue Walsh on 20th Sep 2021

I bought this for my family and it’s really quite cute. The service was fabulous and super quick. I had a scratched plastic cover, I notified the company and was sent a new one the following day. It was well wrapped too. Note the plastic bauble opens down the middle and you have to assemble the snow etc yourself but I guess that’s all part of the fun. I may have to add a clear tape to ensure the bauble does not split open easily as I wouldnt want the snow to fall out. I can’t wait to add it onto the Christmas tree!

So unique
Written by Jenny on 16th Dec 2020

This is the second bauble I've purchased, loved the first one so much I bought one for our Childminder. She loved it so much she made me break the rules and go into her house to see it on her tree!

Great little treat!
Written by Samantha on 14th Dec 2020

Great item for our nephew, he loved it and so did his parents! It looks fab and was delivered quicker than expected.

Fantastic Family Christmas Bauble!
Written by Nicola on 9th Dec 2020

Fab product, quick delivery and looks fantastic on the Christmas tree.

Christmas Bauble
Written by Oliver on 8th Dec 2020

Hey, absolutely fantastic love it, love having it to build when it comes so so so happy, bought another for a present as well, thank you so much love it

Love it
Written by Lisa on 8th Dec 2020

I love my new Lego family bauble so much! I added a dog too!

Fantastic !
Written by Louise Davies on 4th Dec 2020

Excellent communication from FabBricks before purchasing. Fab product sent quickly. Highly recommend!

Amazing Product!
Written by Sian on 3rd Dec 2020

This is such a wonderful item, and I gave it as a gift before Christmas so that it could be added to their tree for the whole of the Christmas period! Fast delivery and they loved the little extras i was able to order as part of the set. A very happy dad and 2 kids - thank you!

Amazing Christmas Ornament
Written by Elif Serdar on 27th Nov 2020

We LOVE this lovely Christmas bauble a lot!!! It looks so amazing on our tree. Great quality, lovely customer relations and fast shipping. We definitely recommend FabBricks

Family 3 minifigure bauble
Written by Rebecca on 26th Nov 2020

Our bauble arrived within a week of ordering. We had to put it all together which was fine and didnt take long. Not hung this on our Christmas tree yet but looks good so far. Minifigures are accurate from our choices and look good.

Very cute and quick to arrive
Written by Ines P. on 22nd Nov 2020

This product was super easy to order and arrived very quickly :) it's very cute and good size and it looks amazing on display even if (not yet) on the Christmas tree :)

Great product
Written by Kara scullion on 20th Nov 2020

I ordered the Christmas bauble with 3 figures - 2 adults 1 child and it’s lovely. The personalised message on it also a lovely addition. Definitely a great buy for a Lego fan or even if not it’s a great addition to the Christmas tree.

Bauble with 3 figures
Written by Marrena on 20th Nov 2020

I absolutely love this bauble purchased for my daughter and her family. Thoroughly recommend this site. Really quick delivery too.

3 mini figure christmas bauble
Written by Jayne Johnson on 16th Nov 2020

I cannot tell you how fab this was so easy to order, choosing the outfits and hair was so much fun. The delivery was excellent and email responsed to queries prompt. Superb product. We have ordered another one !!!!! Highly recommend this product and excellent customer service!!!! 5 stars call the way!!

Personalised Happy Christmas 3 Figures Bauble!
Written by Mollie Openshaw on 13th Nov 2020

Wonderful product, fantastic that you can personalise the characters and is a wonderful keep-sake! I enjoyed assembling the item together too.

Great gift, fast delivery
Written by Kathy on 10th Nov 2020

This is a really fun gift that the recipients loved and we can’t wait to get it up on the tree! Thank you :)

Xmas gift
Written by Carley on 3rd Nov 2020

My partner loves Lego so this is perfect for him. Easy to order and quick delivery, would recommend.

Written by Pam Gullis on 3rd Nov 2020

Very pleased with this product, it’s going to make a lovely gift for our family who love Lego! Came very quickly and in perfect condition :)

Love this!
Written by Sarah Jane Mcallister on 27th Oct 2020

Really impressed! Made the whole family smile putting it together! Can’t wait for Christmas to have it on show

Love this!
Written by Sarah Jane Mcallister on 27th Oct 2020

Arrived on time and it’s fabulous! Made the whole family smile. Can’t wait to put it up for Christmas. Got one for our friends - equally excited to see their faces too!

Written by Jo on 26th Oct 2020

Love it

3 person bauble
Written by Leanne on 21st Oct 2020

Fab product, great quality, fast delivery, going to look awesome on my Xmas tree. Really pleased with this product.

Can't wait for Christmas
Written by Alexandra on 15th Oct 2020

Loved the bauble when it arrives defo made me happy and excited for the festive season however ours was broken when it arrived and had to be fixed but it was nothing a little bit of super glue couldn't solve. Overall really happy. Emailed to change a hair colour it was no issue and it came really quickly. Fab-Bricks Reply: Thanks for your great review! Sorry to hear there it needed a little bit of repairing ☹️, any problems let us know and we can replace it for you.

Family bauble
Written by Anita on 13th Oct 2020

Great present for my son and family. Received within just a few days of ordering.

Written by Liz Wiltshire on 8th Oct 2020

My husband is a massive Lefo fan so bought one of these for our family for Christmas. It arrived very quickly and is fantastic. I loved how you could choose different Christmas tops and the finished item looks brilliant! We all love it and can't wait until December so we can put it on our tree.

Written by Jenny Aindow on 2nd Oct 2020

Such a great idea and came out perfect. Everyone's asked me where to get one when they see the photo. Turned up super quick too.

3 minifig bauble
Written by Jo Pope on 30th Sep 2020

So pleased with how it turned out, put a picture of it on my fb story and a few of my friends want to order too! Every year I buy a special bauble and I'm so pleased. Look forward to hanging it on the tree

Personalised Happy Christmas Bauble
Written by Wendy Badlan on 16th Sep 2020

Absolutely thrilled! Great service, great product and a great idea! Plus supporting a small local business so win, win all round!

Great Christmas Bauble!
Written by Louise on 15th Sep 2020

My 5 year old and I designed this year's family Bauble, great fun, great choices & fast delivery! We love it!

Fab item
Written by Adele on 13th Sep 2020

I've had several products from here, bit I ordered one of these when I seen a discount code. It was literally delivered to my door the day after I'd ordered it, and it was much bigger than I expected it would be. It comes in bits so you put it together yourself, and it looks great. There's 2 bags of snow to pop in, but I'll do that nearer Christmas.

Christmas bauble fab
Written by Stacey on 11th Sep 2020

The delivery was fast, lovely item love how you can personalise them my little boy loves it

Fast Response to minor error
Written by Tristan Rudd on 9th Dec 2019

They sent the wrong colour hair for mini-fig 1 but were really fast to respond and the replacement arrived the next day with no hassle or fuss. Great service! Thanks.

Great find and fab gift
Written by Mrs Woody on 15th Nov 2019

I bought a 3 figure bauble and am really pleased with it. The site is easy to use and it arrived very quickly. My son and husband will love it on the tree! The only change I would make is having more than one pack of snow in the larger baubles.

Christmas present
Written by Mark Thomas on 3rd Nov 2019

Really happy how this turned. So happy I'm going to buy another one or two

Personalised Happy Christmas Bauble
Written by Diane Metelko on 29th Oct 2019

I absolutely love this bauble.

Personalised Christmas Bauble decoration
Written by Gabrielle Mulholland on 21st Sep 2019

We love this bauble! The kids were so excited to put their own little Lego figure into it! I love to have Christmas decorations with the year on them so it was fab to be able to add this detail to our family decoration! Tempted to order another for my brother’s family! Brilliant product and great quality!

Unique product
Written by undefined on 27th Dec 2017

When I opened the box the bauble was even better than I imagined! My daughter loved it, especially with our names on the back of the figures. It was good that we could choose where to put the figures when we got it and it was very easy to put together. It looks brilliant on our tree and visitors are always impressed by it. A great family bauble for the tree

Fabulous Bauble
Written by on 15th Dec 2017

Ordered & it came within days. So happy with it. Surprised my husband & son they loved it. Just looks fantastic all my family/friends loved it & it was very popular on my Facebook page!!! Thank you Fab-Bricks

Fabulous product
Written by Miranda on 14th Dec 2017

Absolutely amazed at how quick this turned up especially as it’s Christmas in 2 weeks. The bauble was soooo much bigger than expected but all for the good. This is my first year as a single mum with my boys so this was such a lovely touch to our Christmas tree, they were so excited wen they saw it. They love the Christmas jumpers to. Thank you. Xxx

Written by undefined on 12th Dec 2017

A brilliant tree decoration for Lego lovers

Lovely personal gift for lego mad people
Written by Sarah Doherty on 12th Dec 2017

Lovely keepsake made for a friend. She thoroughly enjoyed the gift and I was so pleased there was different faces and hair styles/colours to choose from. Would like to see more girls and maybe a baby faced heads. Friend loved the gift as they are all lego mad and great we could personalise.

Christmas Bauble
Written by undefined on 2nd Dec 2017

I bought this product as a present and am really pleased with it. Customising the figures was very easy and gives the item a nice personalised touch. I know the recipient is going to love it and can’t wait to see it hanging on the tree.

Perfect Xmas decoration
Written by undefined on 15th Nov 2017

Absolutely love the family lego bauble

Written by Rachel on 23rd Oct 2017

We purchased this for a family members birthday present and she is a big Lego fan and I am happy to say she was absolutely over the moon. Would definitely purchase again!

Written by undefined on 10th Oct 2017

My family love it and cannot wait to put it onto the Christmas tree. They love the fact that it is has got their names on them.

Best decision ever!
Written by Janine on 30th Sep 2017

Found this as a link on Facebook and thought it would be fun. Order just arrived today. The mini-figures are better than I ever imagined! We absolutely love them. My son (who loves Lego) will be playing with them for ages and putting them in the bauble for Christmas. Thank you so much this is the best product ever!